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About Our Service was created when we were looking for fun websites that we could surf and earn money. We love playing the lottery and found that other lottery pool sites wanted to charge us for playing or they only had 4 pools open per week. Some sites even took a percentage of your winnings or didn’t even pay out if the win was less than $10,000.

So we set out to make a better experience for everyone that wants to play free lottery pools.

  • We open at least 20 pools a week on our site.
  • Every person gets 1 entry every single day at 12am est
  • All pool winnings are distributed to the people who entered that pool
  • We do not have “in your face” advertising

So how can we do this for free? We do have some minor advertising on the site that generates revenue for us.

How this all works is very easy.

  1. Register to use the site and to enter pools.
  2. As a new member, we put 2 entries into your account when you confirm your email.
  3. Check out the pools page and use your entries in one of our many pools.
  4. Make sure you come back every day to use your daily entry. If you don’t use your daily entry by 11:59 est, you will lose it forever.
  5. Once the drawings are official, we will post the results and if a pool won, you will be notified by email and your share of the pool winnings will be deposited into your account.
  6. Pretty easy, huh?

Keep an eye out for future features that will allow you to earn more entries every single day.