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Halloween Millions Raffle

Winning numbers at end of article.

The Halloween Millions Raffle is a multi-state raffle game that is played every year from September 1st to October 31st. In 2013 there will be 7 states that are participating in the raffle. The raffle will go by different names depending on what state you buy tickets in, but it will be one pool of winners and money.

It will be called the Halloween Millions raffle in:



New Jersey

New York

In Indiana, it is called the Halloween Millionaire Raffle. In Ohio, it is called the Multi-State Millions Raffle. In Oklahoma, it is called the National Millionaire Raffle.

The number of prizes that will be awarded will depend on the number of tickets sold, but it is estimated there will be 18-30 million dollar prizes to be given out. There will be several smaller prizes as well, but those have not been announced yet.

In all lottery raffles, tickets are sold in sequential order, usually starting with something like 0000001 and then the next ticket sold would be 0000002. The cost of each raffle ticket will be $10 and usually with raffles like this one, 50% of the money goes into the prize pool and the other 50% will be distributed to the states that are participating in this Millionaire Raffle.

Winning numbers for the Halloween Millionaire Raffle will be posted here as soon as they are made available. All winning raffle numbers will be chosen by the raffle computer at the Multi-State Lottery Association office in Iowa.

The $1,000,000 winning numbers for the raffle are:

030118, 040229, 231687, 282929

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