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Virginia Lottery Pick 3

The Virginia Lottery, like most other states that offer draw lottery games, provides a Pick 3 game twice daily. This is a 3 digit draw game where you can win up to $500 on a $1 wager. Winning numbers are drawn daily at about 2pm and at 11pm. You can play each board for 50 cents or $1, but the minimum per ticket is $1 so 2 boards must be played if you are playing 50 cent boards.

You can play this game up to 91 draws in advance with the advance play option and you can also choose a date for a ticket up to 91 draws in advance with the future play option. You can also hand the retailer a ticket and ask for repeat and you will get a replica ticket.

There are also several ways you can play to win up to $500 with the Virginia Pick 3 game.

Straight – This is if your chosen numbers match the winning number on exact order drawn.

Any order or box – Your chosen numbers can match the winning numbers in any order drawn.

50/50 or straight/box – this is a $1 ticket where your numbers win if they come up in any order or exact order.

Combo – This ticket cost more as it covers all combinations of your numbers so you win the top prize no matter what order the numbers come up.

Pairs – You can just choose the front pair, back pair, or first and last numbers to win cash.

This game also has an option called BOOST. This is an additional add on where you pay an extra dollar for a $1 game and 50 cents if you are playing 50 cent boards and you get 5 additional sets of Pick 3 numbers. If any of your boost numbers come up in exact order, you win $100 if you wagered $1 and $50 if you had boost on a 50 cent board.

Exact order or straight play pays $500 if you watch all the numbers in order with a $1 bet.

Any order pays $160 if all your digits are different or $80 if 2 of your 3 digits are the same. If you play the 50/50 option and all your digits are different, you win $80 if your numbers come up in any order and $330 if they come up in exact order. If you are playing 50/50 and 2 of your 3 numbers are the same, you win $40 if your numbers come up in any order and $290 if they come up exact. Combo play pays $500 on a $1 bet, but the tickets are $3 of 2 of your digits are the same or $6 if they are all different. All the pair options pay $50 for winning.