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Illinois St Patricks Millionaire Raffle

The Illinois lottery has once again started their annual St. Patrick’s day million raffle lottery game. Tickets are available through any of the 8,100 lottery retailers starting on February 15th and will will be on sale through March 17th or until all available 500,000 raffle tickets are sold. Tickets are $20 and must be purchased at t a retailer, they are not available online like some other games. Tickets are sold in numerical order this this game usually sells out early.

There are 509 prizes that are to be awarded for this raffle game. There will be 4 prizes given out of $1 million dollars, 5 prizes of $100,000, and 500 prizes of $1000. The lottery has said there are still prizes from last years St Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle that have gone unclaimed, so go back and check last years tickets as well. After the drawing, number will be announced and you must match all numbers to be a winner.

The drawing will be held on March 17th, 2013, even if all the tickets sell out before then.

The winning  numbers for the Illinois Lottery St. Patrick’s Day Millionaire Raffle are:

$1,000,000 Prize - 121793, 237955, 400186, and 418650

$100,000 Prize - 117821, 273353 30323, 316771, and 411080

For other prizes, click here.

The 2014 results are as follows:

$1 Million dollar prize winning numbers - 089174, 274711, 289979, and 391517

$100,000 winning numbers are - 032017, 073447, 094370, 364603, and 373937

You can check your numbers at :