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Massachusetts Super 50/50 Raffle

Information about the Massachusetts Spring 50/50 Raffle.

Information about the 2013 Mass Super 50/50 Raffle.

The new Massachusetts Super 50/50 Raffle was announced on October 1st, 2012. Massachusetts has done a 50/50 raffle before, but not like this new game. There will only be one prize winner for this game who will take home 50% of all ticket sales and with tickets costing $10, that could add up to a ton of money.

The lottery is guaranteeing that the prize will be at least $500,000, but most people think it will be well over that.

You can not select your own number for this game as you are given the next consecutive number when buying your ticket. The first ticket sold was 0000001 and will go up in digits until the end of the ticket sales time period on December 31st, 2012 at 11:59pm local time. The drawing will take place on January 1st, 2013 and the sole winner will receive all the winnings in one lump sum.

To help along ticket sales the Massachusetts lottery is also holding Wild Raffle Wednesdays where every Wednesday from 11/7/2012 to 12/26/2012 the lottery will draw 5 random ticket numbers that have already been purchased to win $1000. The 40-$1000 prizes will not come from the prize pool for the raffle so the 50/50 jackpot will be a very large prize. If you are one of the lucky 40 winners of the $1000 bonus prize, make sure you hold onto your ticket as this is a separate drawing from the main raffle and you could still win the big prize.

The lottery is doing this $1000 bonus to jump start sales and reward players who buy their tickets, sort of like a early bird prize drawing that other states do.

With this new 50/50 raffle from the Massachusetts Lottery, all winners will get paid in a lump sum and have exactly one year to claim their prizes. Massachusetts is a huge lottery state with many residents who play and if I had to guess right now, the prize will be over $1.5 million to the winner.

The winning number for the jackpot will be posted on the Massachusetts lottery site as well as the Wednesday $1000 winners when they are drawn.

You can see the official new poster about the new game, here

Here are the winning numbers so far for the drawings. Holders of tickets with these numbers have won $1000 and are still entered to win the big grand prize.

November 7th Drawing - 0040538, 0022636,0030878, 0031482, and 0032366

November 14th Drawing - 0000547, 0030773, 0040644, , 0041346, and 0065658

November 21st Drawing - 0029551, 0039421, 0040123, 0064437, and 0065836

November 28th Drawing - 0009619, 0015871, 0020649, 0044702, and 0063867

December 5th Drawing - 0007860, 0020464, 0027711, 0041313, and 0060697

December 12th Drawing - 00014442, 00032587, 00041749, 00072484, and 00072484

December 19th Drawing - 00024016, 00050411, 00063214, 00067327, and 00075747

December 26th Drawing – 00016995, 00036946, 00094956, 00098845, and 00100064

Final Winning Number is 0013821