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Arizona Lottery Scratchers

Arizona Lottery Scratchers


The Arizona Lottery, like most other state lotteries offer scratch off tickets where you can instantly win instead of waiting for a draw game to happen. The lottery offers scratch off games ranging from $1 to $20 and prizes range from $1 to $1,000,000. Though the $1 million dollar prize is paid out over 20 years or you can take a one time payment of $625,000.

You can buy instant scratch off tickets from any lottery retailer and most big retailers also have machines that you can walk up, insert your money and get a ticket right there. Of course, in Arizona you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase any lottery ticket.

When buying buying tickets, keep in mind that you are not going to win a huge prize when you buy a $1 ticket. Right now if you buy a $1 ticket, the most possible money you can win on a ticket is $2100 with the Blackjack scratch off ticket.

If you want higher prizes, you have to spend more to have the chance to get those big bucks. Most $2 tickets have a top prize of $10,000 , $5 tickets have a top prize of $50,000, and $10 tickets have top prizes of $100,000. There is a $10 money mania ticket right now that has a top prize of $1 million annuity or a one time payment of $625,000. As of press time, there are 2 top prizes that have not been claimed yet.

If you win $600 or more on a ticket, then you must submit a claim for or head over to a lottery office in Phoenix or Tucson to pick up your winnings. You must have valid ID and another form of identification. Arizona does participate in the Arizona Debt Setoff Program which means if you owe the State of Arizona money through back child support, back taxes, or other debts, then a check to that agency is automatically generated and if there is money leftover from your winnings, you receive the rest. The winner is responsible for taxes on the entire prize, even is a portion of your winnings are offset.

The Arizona lottery always asks you for a quote when you redeem a winning jackpot ticket for their website, however, if you don’t want your name and picture released, they will comply and not release that information.

Arizona has plenty of scratch off options for your gaming needs so head over to your local retailer and give it a try. Make sure you are only buying and spending what you are willing to lose because the lottery could certainly not have $500,000 winning tickets without having to sell many losing tickets.