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Is The Lottery Rigged

Is the lottery rigged?

I have been asked this question numerous times and the only answer I can come up with after lots of research is absolutely not.

It would not be advantageous for the lottery to rig anything. The number one reason the lottery even exists is they must gain trust of the players. If the players have any reason whatsoever to feel the lottery  is rigged or set up so certain numbers are drawn, then nobody would play and the state would lose hundreds of millions of dollars.

No state lottery would ever take the chance of picking certain numbers or rigging the lottery because if they ever got caught, it would bankrupt the state due to lawsuits from players that should have won and didn’t.

Of course back in previous days when number rackets were controlled by the mob, things were certainly fixed, but now with the state government running things, it is not.

All state lotteries and drawings are overseen by independent accounting agencies that audit the lottery often, check the balls, computers, and employees for any wrong doing. There are plenty of states that now use random number generators for their in-state draw games instead of balls to also combat any fraud.

These programs are written by companies other than the lottery and tested by the independent auditing agency as well. For example, the Cash 4 game in Arizona is a computer drawn game that does not use the balls and I personally have won the jackpot of $10,000 on this game with quick pick numbers on a ticket that I bought several hours before the drawing even happened. If the lottery was rigged, do you think I would have really won? If the lottery was rigged, the lottery would be sure the winners were people that they knew or people that paid them off to make sure that they won. So I can say from personal experience, the lottery is not rigged.

Another reason the lottery is not rigged or fixed is because there is absolutely no reason to, they don’t need to. The lottery is a HUGE money maker and brings in so much cash, the state does not need to rig it.

There certainly are lotteries that are rigged and are scams. These are usually foreign lotteries that never pay out. Never pay money for a lottery ticket that does not come from an actual state run lottery. You might even get a call from someone saying that you won a contest or lottery and they just need shipping fees or a winners fee to send you the money. Never, EVER give money to these scammers. You did not win anything at all.