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Indiana Lottery Games

Join the Excitement with the Indiana Lottery Games

As with many other lotteries in the United States of America, the Indiana Lottery is managed and run by the state government. This lottery is also referred to as the Hoosier Lottery, and it is the only state to use a nickname for the lottery. As with most other states, Indiana is also part of the Multi-State Lottery Association, giving players the opportunity to play in lottery games that are held countrywide.

The proceeds form the Indiana Lottery go towards supporting state programs and the educational system.

Since there are several unique, in state lottery games, players have the opportunity to choose between the instant play games or scratchers, the state games, and the national games.

  • The Daily 3 is a game with thirteen weekly drawings, 2 per day except on Sunday when there is only one. In this game, players will choose three numbers in a specific order, and the players that choose the winning numbers in the correct order will win a prize. Prizes vary depending on the game and how many players are involved.
  • The Daily 4 is similar to the Daily 3, except that the cash prizes for this game are larger. The Daily 4 has the same amount of weekly drawings and the same cost to play. The only difference is that the player has to choose 4 numbers instead of 3 and the option to win much higher prizes.
  • The Lucky 5 is similar to the above two games, with 5 numbers being drawn on each ticket instead of 3 or 4. The grand prize on the Lucky 5 is $50,000, and it costs $1 each to play a ticket.
  • Quick Draw is another daily draw in Indiana, and you can join this game for $1 as well. The grand prize is $300,000 and the person that chooses 10 correct numbers out of the 20 that are chosen in the drawing wins the prize money.
  • Mix and Match is an Indiana Lottery game that is only drawn twice weekly on Tuesday and Friday nights. It costs $2 to play Mix and Match, and the top prize is $200,000.
  • The Hoosier Lottery is drawn once weekly, and this is the state game with the largest jackpot. The Hoosier Lottery starts at $1 million and increases by $500,000 every time there is a drawing with no winner. It costs $1 per ticket to join the Hoosier Lottery.