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Kentucky Lottery Games

Enjoy Playing All of the Kentucky Lottery Games

Before you begin playing the lottery in any state, you may want to know more about the different games, prizes, and options that you have to find the right ticket for you. Kentucky has recently adopted a lottery, and there are several great options that you can choose from in this state. Proceeds from the Kentucky Lottery go towards helping the educational system and various other public funds.

Most of the Lottery’s funds are sent to the people that ultimately win the prize, but there are also significant contributions made toward great causes because of the Kentucky Lottery.

Kentucky actually went through a challenging process in order to get their lottery instated, as many people were not looking forward to the outcome that a lottery would bring to their state. Now, the Kentucky Lottery has been widely accepted, and it is now a great way to pass time for many people.

IF you are interested in learning more about the Kentucky Lottery games, you can view a list of great state only games below.

  • The Pick 3 is a game that requires that each player choose three different numbers and order them in a certain line. With the numbers and the order chosen, players are able to win small prizes depending on the amount of other people that also guessed those numbers. You could win $300 with a $0.50 ticket. The drawings for Pick 3 are drawn each day, twice a day except on Sundays when it is only drawn once.
  • Pick 4 also has 13 weekly drawings like the Pick 3. If you bet $0.50, you could win up to $2,5000 with a Pick 4. This lottery game works the same way as the pick 3 except that the potential prizes are much larger.
  • The Cash Ball with Kicker is another great tool that you can use to win some big bucks in the state lottery system. With the Cash Ball, you will need to choose at least 4 numbers in the correct order. If you are successful, you will be able to choose the type of game and the winnings for each type of game prior.
  • The 3 Line Lotto is another great lottery game in the state of Kentucky. If you are looking for a 3 Line Lotto number that I will make you a big return, and the starting jackpot for those particular product is at least. There are several ways to win this program, and you will find that some are better than others.